Jerry Jia-Sobota

Driving Innovation at EverGlade Consulting

Jerry Jia-Sobota

About Jerry Jia-Sobota

Jerry Jia-Sobota is the Chairman of the Board and President of EverGlade. Jerry’s entrepreneurial background spans multiple continents over the last decade.  

He is a multi-lingual MBA with unique perspectives on analyzing market trends and investment opportunities, risk mitigation, managing key client relationships, office administration, entrepreneurship, and consulting. 

Prior to his role at EverGlade, Jerry founded several technology ventures and was a Futures Trader at China Galaxy Securities Co., LTD, a top three investment bank in Beijing, China.

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About EverGlade Consulting

EverGlade Consulting connects public sector needs with private sector solutions. We help companies secure and manage non-dilutive federal funding and offer services ranging from proposal support through the implementation of systems to comply with federal regulations.

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